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About Kim

Shine your light!

I was born for the first time on July 21, and a second time at 21 years old! It was after an intense period of illness that I was able to be reborn and find myself.


Before returning to Switzerland to study at the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, I grew up in about ten countries on four continents. This international youth has allowed me to immerse myself in a great cultural diversity and awakened me to the fact that there is many ways to access well-being as a whole. This multidimensional approach guides my path in respect and holistic complementarity.


I got interested and passionate about many subjects that I studied: plants with Bach flowers, aromatic and alchemical essences as well as the ceremonial use of sacred plants, energy therapies and healing approaches, as well as physical body techniques with yoga, Mayan massage and breathwork, as well as channeling, the realm of the unconscious with dreams and hypnosis, the magic of conscious (re)birth and its rites of passage, the alchemy of sound with alchemy crystal bowls and medicine songs, the links and interactions between matter and the subtle.


I therefore founded withKim ®, which is inspired by these experiences of many years and aims to guide people with love and benevolence to radiate their own light, from the inside out.


This accompaniment to the rhythm of the initiatory stages of life takes different forms: healing sessions, cacao rituals and my services as a doula.

I also founded a personal development school (MANA School) in which I offer my trainings (channeling, MDC therapist, transmission on medicinal plants, dreams and sacred feminity) but where other benevolent guides also offer beautfiful workshops, conferences and intervene in the podcast that I host (podcast MANA)! So many resources to enable each person to activate and explore their full personal potential.

In my shop withKim, you will find conscious creations including the oracle of care for oneself, the Earth and beyond DAÏA, ceremonial cocoa, yoni eggs & sacred herbs, elixirs and other treasures to support you on your way.

Medicinal music is also part of my therapeutic accompaniments: go to the cacao rituals or the sound ceremonies! Otherwise on / instagram

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