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Cacao is a medicinal plant from Central America, used in sacred rituals by the Mayans since the year 600.
There are two different ways for you to exprience the cacao medicine in its ritual form:

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Group session

Image by Conscious Design

Private session

Cacao is a medicinal plant from Central America, used in sacred rituals by the Mayans since the year 600.


The ritual takes place on the occasion of the new moon or the full moon in order to benefit from their energies and to work on specific personnel intentions.


Cacao activates the energies of love and healing, heals past wounds, is a great meditation facilitator, helps to connect with one's higher self.

The plant is a powerful and subtle guide, who will guide you, if you wish, to a path of understanding and evolution.



Cacao is a plant, a spirit. Its use in ceremony allows to receive guidance of this spirit by creating an intimate connexion. This will result in a personal experience, respectful of everyone's receptivity.


Each medicine circle/ritual is unique: the energy of the group, the space, the moon phase and the themes addressed by the Being of Light ensure a unique journey for everyone.


Check out the events to learn about the next ceremony.

To book your private ritual, you can come on your own, or bring your partner or friend(s)!

I propose private sessions with the sacred plant, in order to best guide the person(s) during the session.

Although each session is unique - sessions may include the following:


  • Guided Meditations

  • Channeling of the Beings of Light

  • Energy Healing

  • Sound Medicine: voice activation + crystal bowls

  • Crystal Energy Healing

  • Drawing of cards

The duration of a session is about 2 hours. See some testimonials here

Here are the prices:

1 person is 180.-chf

2-3 persons 150.-chf per person

4 persons 135.-chf per person


If you wish to organize larger private rituals (birthday celebration, sacred union, Mama blessing, other initiations) feel free to let me know about your special occasion and let's make it happen!

For those special events please get in touch so we can curate your unique circle and ritual together

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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