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The "dieta" is a practice that allows you to connect with the spirit of the plant with which we are working, in order to align between body, soul and spirit. Whether you discover the cacao medicine or you are already familiar with her, the dieta can be done to deepen your connection with yourself, work on a particular theme or allow yourself be guided in the energy of Love.


Cacao is a medicinal plant from Central America, used since year 600 by the Mayans in sacred rituals.


This medicinal plant promotes the release of energy of love and healing, the healing of past wounds, meditation, connection with one's higher self. The spirit of cacao is a powerful and subtle one, who will guide you, if you wish, on a path of understanding and evolution.


You will receive the amount of cacao that will match your choice of dieta duration 7, 11 or 22 day, as well as the associated spices that will support and enhance the intentional work of the cacao. These will depend on your intentions and will be selected uniquely for each person.


During the first meeting, I will explain to you how to prepare your cacao, and what options are available to you for exploration with sacred medicine. We will work with the Beings of Light to best support you throughout the process. Each support will therefore be unique and tailor-made according to your personal needs.


This work offers a way to explore cacao medicine at your own pace, while being accompanied as you go. It is possible to perform the dieta for physical needs, emotional, spiritual intentions, or just if you feel the call.


The dieta requires a soul-to-soul commitment, between you and the medicine plant. You will receive personalized guidance throughout your process.

The price includes the plants as well all the remote support + appointments which may contain:


  • Intentions setting and sacred workspace

  • Energy healing and direct channeling with your guides and orther Beings of Light

  • Experience sharing

  • Closing and a smooth transition



You have the opportunity to participate in a cacao ceremony (in person) during your dieta at a special price to experience the magic of the group support in a sacred space.


You can also choose order your own tailor-made soul perfume, specially made for your dieta intentions (44.-chf instead of 55.-chf)

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7 days

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11 days

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22 days

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