The channeling training is about learning how to communicate with the Beings of Light, your guides and other celestial teachers of the invisible world.


No prerequisites are necessary, except your heart's will!


You will follow the courses designed and channelled by the School of Light (École de Lumière), with my monitoring with the MDC throughout the certifying training.


The course falls into of two parts: initiation to channeling (10 sessions) and master’s degree in channeling (7 sessions). Although it is recommended to follow both modules, it is possible to follow them individually.


1. Initiation to channeling:

10 sessions are planned to put into practice the teachings of Beings of Light.
You will benefit from distance care sessions: healing the soul and reconnecting.

After completing this course, you can continue with the “Master of Channeling” course, which is highly recommended.

Price: 380. -CHF

2. Master of channeling:


"Mastery depends on a willingness to remain humble, which is at this stage an obligation to being able to channel the Beings of Light and to stay on the right path."

We will continue the teachings in 7 sessions.

All courses can be taken remotely.

Price: 280.-CHF

3. Initiation + Master: 600.-CHF.

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