You wish to concretize a project? Materialize an idea? Set up a concept?


I accompany you in a process of project development, wether personal or professional.


My approach is personalized and adapts according to your desires and your needs. My service is professional, efficient, adapted to your values, your vision and your objectives.


Graduated from the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, I followed complementary training in the field of well-being. This unusual combination allows me to develop innovative concepts that combine well-being and the hospitality management sector.

I put my expertise, my knowledge, my experience and my network at your disposal to help you in your development.


There is a possibility to compose a personalized holistic support for a harmonious development on the personal and professional level, by following your needs with respect and authenticity.



Examples of possible elements:


  • Professional and personal assessment

  • Structured Interviews

  • Energy Healing

  • External professional speakers

  • Active Tests


Hire me as a consultant for a particular mission in your company.


We will put together an exclusive program developed to match your goals and values.


Mission examples:


  • Concept implementation

  • Advices related to well-being

  • Custom expertise

  • Assessment and recommendations

  • Team Building

  • Organizational audit

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