This program has been designed to guide you in your relationship.

You will be led to discover yourself, to reveal YOU to yourself as well as to each other.

It offers an exclusive guidance and support, over several months for a deeper work.



This program is for couples who wish to:


- Explore as individuals and within their relationship

- Learn to activate the vibration of the bond of love

- Understand their connections and strengthen them

- Work on past wounds

- Discover new tools

-Improve their communication

- Open to new perspectives

- Grow together with respect for one another




"Know yourself better to be better together"

The program can be ordered as a full program or "à la carte"

Full Program

  1. Session with the sacred medicine plant: cacao

  2. Energy Healing with the Sky Doctors

  3. Astrology session

  4. Introduction to conscious sexuality

  5. Sharing session - psychological and communicative approach

  6. Follow-up session

Session with the sacred medicine plant: cacao

A couple's exploration with the sacres medicinale plant: cacao. We will use guides meditations, different forms of healing and practices to live into one's inter self, and the relationship of the couple itself.

Sky Doctors Energy Healing

Individual energy healing session, in Lausanne or at distance.

Astrology Reading Session

Individual session or couple's session - with the passionate atrologist Maïlé.

Introduction to conscious sexuality

Couple session to discover or deepen the concept of sexuality fulfilled in consciousness

Psychological and Communicative approach


Couple sitting, led by Simon. His approach through psychology and communication makes it possible to understand our functioning as a man or a woman and thus our inter-communication as a couple.

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