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Image by Diana Olfert


What is a broad spectrum doula?

A Doula is a person at service, listening, who accompanies the different passages of life, in particular the perinatal period: from birth to death. With passion and humility, she creates healing spaces with benevolence and safety for women and their families, between science and the sacred and between Earth and Sky.


Since the dawn of time, the indigenous peoples have had this notion of support and transmission at the heart of the family and the community. Women giving birth were surrounded, supported, prepared and sustained by this awareness.


My intention is to offer spaces for healing and sharing, to ritualize these passages of life that are sacred.

I would love to transmit to you knowledge and guidance that can allow you to make informed conscious choices,  and to have an optimal, extraordinary experience.


I am not attached to any professional order and I offer my services mainly  in person but also remotely.

I accompany the woman from her first period until death as well as the couple, obviously going through perinatality (preconception, pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum) and bereavement (miscarriage, abortion, and perinatal bereavement).


Some of my specialties are: ritual in all its forms, emotional & energetic accompaniment (energy healins, hypnosis, sound and plant alchemy) and placental transformation, obviously with a focus on perinatality. These aspects are infused in my proposals!


You can choose the support you need either by formula for conception (preconception, pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum) or "à la carte", according to your current needs. If needed, you also have exclusive access to specialized professionals that I recommend (food, micro nutrition, birth photographers, osteopathy, ...).

It is possible to organize groups at the request of future mothers & couples for certain rituals or accompaniments.

If financial participation is an impediment, do not hesitate to contact me directly to discuss the options!

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