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Yoni Steam

Yoni Steam


“Yoni” comes to us from Sanskrit and designates the female genitalia. Yoni steam, literally translated as “vaginal hammam”, is a sacred and ancestral practice from the Mayan tradition, which is currently practiced in several regions of the world. This healing tool allows you to recontact the healing essence of plants, to heal certain wounds, to release dense emotions, as well as memories in the vagina. Above all, it allows us to adopt this “healing” attitude which connects us to our essence as women. Today, this type of technique is coming back into fashion because women are ready to reclaim their body, their history and their intimate feminine well-being. In addition, it is a precious moment that we allow ourselves, one-on-one with ourselves and “love” me! 


Each YONI STEAM (approximately 3 or 4 doses) comes with a precise explanation of use. The sacred medicinal plants in the blend are assembled with love and conscience in Switzerland. 

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