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When you choose to receive healing session with the Doctors of the Sky (MDC), I connect with a group of Beings of Light to support you in your healing. As a therapist, I act according to your specific needs in channeling the energies of the MDCs.


During these sessions, I carry out a complete work on your different energy bodies, memories, your roots and your chakras. The beings of light transmit a message directly to you to help you better understand and integrate the work carried out.


The healing adapts entirely to you and in the present moment. I invite you to let yourself be in benevolent energies of love and light, conducive to the healing of your soul.


Healing session with sky doctors can affect many aspects of your life, such as physical or emotional ailments, existential questions, general guidance or simply offering you a moment of well-being.


It is possible to receive this healing in person or remotely. For the latter option, we plan together a suitable date and time for the session. It is recommended to choose a quiet place, and the duration of the healing session usually varies between 30 minutes and an hour.


In addition to soul healing, I use plant wisdom, including Bach flowers, spagyria and essential oils, to complete your therapeutic experience.


The price of a healing session in Lausanne is 150.-CHF for a duration of one hour.


The price of a remote healing is 108.-CHF.

Healing sessions in Lausanne take place Rue Saint-Laurent 19. Please ring “Espace 19” and go up to the 2nd floor!


What they say:

"Dear Kim, I wrote your channeling this evening, the subjects addressed by the Light beings particularly touched me. Such accuracy in the words. I feel that everything is linked when writing it. Your keys also inspired me.

I felt tension in my neck shortly after the treatment. And also felt a slight sadness, like cleaning up some things that no longer belong to me. I feel that what has been said about my female lineage is profoundly true. I have been aware of this for several years. I deeply desire to liberate my feminine lineage. Heal my fears of creation, of childbirth." Claudia A.

"For years I have received the beautiful healing sessions of Kim and the light beings, who accompany me at every stage of my development. Whether it is an intention that has its source in my body, my mind or my heart, the Beings of Lumière always has the right words and I feel free and light after the healing session. It is a precious help that I recommend to anyone who feels the call" Sophie T.

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