During this training, you will learn to consciously connect with the Fire element and use it for different sacred rituals.

"This" Fire Rituals "training is transmitted by the stellar people in particular to transmit information, elements to humans so that they can materialize certain forms of rituals, knowledge, transmissions with the element of fire. "

The Pleadians will walk with you during this deep initiation and will explain to you the functioning of Fire, and more precisely of the sacred Fire. You will discover its structure, its uses, as much for yourself as for your loved ones, your patients if you are a therapist/guide or even certain places.

In the program:

-Understand and establish a sacred space of Fire

-Discover and experience the link between Fire and stellar peoples

-Detail of the structure of the sacred space

-Meditation of connection with Fire

-Care of purification with Fire

- Fire: receive and transmit channel

-Mirror of the Soul

-4 complete rituals of healing, purification, extraction of dense energies and harmonization of inner energies + body care

-Symbolic of aromatic plants

- Energy centers and interactions

-Fire care system in triangles

The training is done remotely with my follow-up throughout your experiment.

You advance at your own pace, and have access to written documents as well as to meditations and treatments in audio format.

Price: 285.- CHF

This price includes course material and audio meditations + support as you explore.