Reconnect with the energies of love and healing with the Rose! This powerful flower has been used for millennia for its physical therapeutic virtues but also its more subtle energies. It allows a deep heart opening work and alignment which can be great for a process of personal development, at all levels.


This initiation was conceived with the Beings of Light, to transmit the teachings of the medicine of the Rose. You will learn to use the queen of flowers for yourself, your loved ones, or your patients.


You will discover in this initiation a prayer and meditation for the Rose channeled by the Light Beings , how to use the sacred plant internally, discover how to expérimenter with its physical form with rituals, the transmission of extra-stellar healing as well as a healing for your house or any space you would like to energize!


No prerequisites needed!


Price of initiation (distance learning): 222.-CHF

Price of initiation (distance learning) + a Rose Essence *: 252.- CHF




* The Rose essences are made by Kim in a traditional and local process.

Each elixir is energized with the Light Being, to infuse a specific vibratory frequency.

The use of the elixirs and the functioning of these are explained in the training. Activate your healing energy and experience a powerful heart opening magic!

Elixirs without alcohol are also available.