Image by Masaaki Komori


The ancestral sacred Mayan approach focuses on the abdominal region, as the center of the body and of the being. 


This Mayan ceremonial treatment, given by the "los yerbateros" (healers) in Mexico, stimulates the vital and natural functions of the abdomen, as well as balances it. The effects can be felt on physical and / or emotional digestion, the release of blockages and tension, the decrease in stress and anxiety states, and the increase in overall harmony. 


Remember to avoid eating two hours prior to your appointment 


Contraindications: women in menstrual period or pregnant, having given birth within 3 months, recent surgery. 


In general, three sessions are recommended for in-depth work. 

A session lasts about an hour.


Thanks to Layín, Mexican healer, who transmitted this magical approach to me.

Price of a session: 150.-chf