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Image by Masaaki Komori


The healing session I offer will be adapted to your needs and intentions. I had the chance and the honor of receiving two transmissions from Mexico: a medicine man and a traditional midwife.


Depending on the energy and needs of the person - the session can focus on emotional release or a need for softness with a belly wrap of plants, moxibustion on specific points or acupressure.

The ancestral sacred Maya approach gives the belly all its importance, as the center of the body and the being. This Mayan ceremonial treatment given by the "los yerbateros" (the healers) in Mexico, helps to stimulate the vital and natural functions of the abdomen, as well as to balance it.


The effects can be felt on physical and/or emotional digestion, the release of blockages and tensions, the reduction of stress and anxiety states, and the increase of overall harmony. It accentuates well-being by setting in motion the center of our body, where 95% of serotonin (happiness hormone) is secreted!

A moment of great relaxation, care, love. You will be enveloped in these energies using herbal medicine, sacred smoke healing prayers


This healing session can help with: painful periods, endometriosis, fibroids, postpartum, prolapse, amenorrhea, fertility challenges, colitis, constipation, digestion challenges, emotional and subtle alignment as well as the release of physical or subtle blockages.

The session includes these elements: energetic cleansing, warm wrap of belly medicine plants, gentle massage, moxibustion, acupressure


Contraindications: menstruating or pregnant women, having given birth within 3 months, recent surgery.


In general, three sessions are recommended for in-depth work - it all depends on the need, of course.

Remember to avoid eating two hours before your appointment


A session lasts approximately 1h30.

Price of a session: 150.-CHF

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