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Local artisanal drinks, POMPOM offers apple juice and 100% Swiss fruit, unconcentrated, no additives and no added sugars.


Beau Rivage Palace

A 5-star hotel located on Lake Geneva, the BRP offers to its guests an elegant and timeless retreat.


Espace Armonie

Intimate space with inspiring atmosphere. Katia offers kundalini yoga, planetary gongs baths and other wellness events.

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Passionate about aromatherapy and litotherapy, the founders of AdGy offer magical creations combining stones and plants.


Popcorn with original flavors, air-blownwith  Swiss air, with 100% natural ingredients made in Lausanne.

Like Mother Like Daughter

Our mission is to support Mothers and Daughters to Rediscover the Power of their own Relationship for a meaningful, lasting Bond.

05 Assemblage Typo + paillettes en Noir

Les Paillettes Vertes

Les Paillettes Vertes accompany you to the ecological transition through eco-responsible workshops combining practicality and kindness, to change the little gestures of everyday life. Let's spread seeds and imagine the future together.



Layín is a Mexican medicine man and naturopath who works with passion and kindness for the well-being of each and everyone through ancestral traditions. In particular, he offers Mayan healing sessions, temazcal and yoga.

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