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Cacao is a sacred medicinal plant that is used in ceremony to benefit from the guidance that the spirit of the plant offers.

In fact, in addition to its many physical benefits, cocoa possesses powerful therapeutic virtues: openness of the heart, strong connection to its superior self, releases emotional blockages, activates energies of healing and love.

I propose private sessions with the sacred plant, in order to best guide the person(s) during the session.

Although each session is unique - sessions may include the following:


  • Guided Meditations

  • Channeling of the Beings of Light

  • Energy Healing

  • Sound Guidance

  • Crystal Energy Healing

  • Drawing of cards

The duration of a session is about 2 hours.

See the testimonials here

Price of a session: 180. -CHF

Please let me know if you are taking medication such as antidepressants when contacting me to book your session.

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