Special Couples Program


designed by a couple, for couples

This program has been designed to guide you in your relationship.

You will be led to discover yourself, to reveal YOU to yourself as well as to each other.

It offers an exclusive guidance and support, over several months for a deeper work.



This program is for couples who wish to:


- Explore as individuals and within their relationship

- Learn to activate the vibration of the bond of love

- Understand their connections and strengthen them

- Work on past wounds

- Discover new tools

-Improve their communication

- Open to new perspectives

- Grow together with respect for one another




"Know yourself better to be better together"




The different tools at your disposal have been chosen with the greatest attention to create a multidimensional, accessible and varied approach.


Sacred Medicine plants, celestial guidance, astrology, psychology and communication are all the kind of suggestions that make up the program and allow it to be complete and interactive.


The sessions take place either as a couple, individually or with other couples who participate in the program to amplify the quality of the exchanges according to the workshops.

You will be guided by different experts in their fields.



Here are the different elements of the program:


  • Session with the sacred medicine plant: cacao

  • Energy Healing with the Sky Doctors

  • Astrology session

  • Introduction to conscious sexuality

  • Sharing session - psychological and communicative approach

  • Follow-up session


The different sessions and workshops represents about 17 hours of exploration which are spread over several months.

The different appointments are planned with the couple at registration.


Price for the couple, which covers the whole program: 980.-CHF







"A complete, innovative and unique service in Switzerland! "


Magalie, MyFamilyPass



"We discovered, as a couple, the cacao ceremony guided by Kim, which was particularly intense for both of us (in the best sense of the word), a journey in depth that changed our perceptions, strengthened our anchorage and elevated our lives. our self-awareness.

Kim, through her unbelievable sharing and presence, allowed us to enter spaces we had not yet explored, great intensity and wonderful emotions.

As a couple, we usually always experiment together because it allows to keep transformant ourselves together and it croates an "alignment" shape of our vibratory frequencies. We can only recommend this healing and transformative experiences a couple, which benefits at the end of the session both individully and within the relationship.

Many thanks again to Kim and we are already looking forward to the next ceremony. "


Chloe & Raphael "



"We have been fortunate enough to participate as a couple in the experiences Kim is offering, and we are delighted to be able to share our story, as we are currently in a period of great change in preparation for a trip and a couple project. We are doing our best to prepare for this new joyful phase of our life, we have been to several ceremonies together, and also to an initiation workshop on the connection with crystals.

These experiences have allowed us to create space for for ourselves and for our couple, we have been able to understand in what state we are as an individual and what can influence the couple. It is a great joy, because the personal developments of each contribute to our relationship and we bring each other closer together in the understanding and respect of the other. We feel both supported, and this also opens our capacity to welcome, to listen and communicate. 

We could laugh, dance, sing, cry, be quiet, be alone. - together - and with others, it is a gift! We encourage you to come and experience, it is very rich and accompanying, in a benevolent environment created by Kim, Simon, and the group of people present. Thanks to Kim, and his partners we are looking forward to the next experiences! "


Yasmin & Nadir

Kelsey & co. Photo

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