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Image by Krystal Ng


The sound bath is an approach that works with the waves and frequencies produced by the crystal alchemy bowls. Each bowl is unique, composed of a particular alchemy fusing, among other things, rare crystals and its precious metals, the sound of which activates and stimulates corresponding energies. The bowls will be chosen according to the theme to be worked on and the energy of the moment.

During this healing sessions, I offer you a welcoming space in Love and benevolence to live this powerful journey in a gentle way and feel this unforgettable experience together. The medicine of crystal alchemy bowls allows to re-harmonize the frequencies of our bodies: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. It allows the brain to generate theta waves, those of deep relaxation and regeneration.

The purity and clarity of the sound of the Alchemy Crystal Bowls deeply purifies, relieves certain imbalances and / or pains, releases stress, increases intuition and mental clarity, and calms the nervous system as well as all systems in the body. A sort of powerful vibratory "reset".


After a discussion on specific needs, the person will softly lie down and simply enjoy a warm, personalized healing, lulled in the comfort of the divine sound of bowls.


These "bowl bath" sessions are also available in groups here.

Price for a private session for one person: 150.-CHF

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