When one performs a cleanse of his living space - house or appartment -  there is an interesting link with the inside of the physical body, the spirit and the soul. Here is a conscious, personalized and complete approach to these different living spaces allows you to support the transition in the new season, whether it be spring or simply a new stage in your life!


With Marion, home organizer of Eazen, we combine our talents and our passions to offer you a range of services in the theme of purification, liberation and organization. We will accompany you together in a new stage of your life with softness and professionalism.


Are you ready to transform your interior to install a new harmony in your life?

How does it work?

1. Choose the right package that suits your needs

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3. Let's go!


"Let's do it"


1 x Home Organizing (4h)

1 x Energy Healing

528.- CHF


"This time, is the right one!"


1 x Home Organizing (4h)

1 x Energy Healing

1 x Energetical home cleanse

741.- CHF


"All in!"


2 x Home Organizing (total 8h)

1 x Energy Healing

1 x Energetical  home cleanse

1 x Private cacao healing session

1'285.- CHF

What is Home Organizing?

Much more than tidying up or organizing your interior space, it is a way of life to simplify, cleanse and find time for yourself.

The idea is to use the house as a vector for change in all other areas of your life.


By regaining control of your home, you regain control of your life. By freeing up space, we recover space, time and energy for new projects. By eliminating all that is cumbersome we lighten the mind.


In general, a total of four hours corresponds to the storage and organization of a room. It all depends of course on the amount of work and the size of the space.


Marion will also share her recommendations so that you can continue on the right track after her help!

Why would I need energy cleanse of my house ?

The harmonious energies of a home are essential to a pleasant and healthy environment.

Certain aspects are physical and we can easily re-establish a balance in your home. Other elements are part of the invisible world and require special attention in order to dissolve any tensions, knots and densities that can harm the inhabitants of a space, both physically, morally and spiritually.


In a few hours, we offer you an inventory as well as a balancing for a free circulation of energies in your living space.

What is energy healing?

The Sky Docotrs (MDC) are Beings of Light who work through channels to heal and deliver messages.

During an energy healing, you will have the opportunity to work on a particular theme, or simply to give free rein to the balances and liberations that will take place.


The personnal healings last approximately 1.5 hours and work on the physical, mental and subtle bodies, all while relaxing calmly and benefiting from all these divine vibrations.

What should I expect from a session with the sacred cacao medicine?

The cacao ceremony is an ancestral tradition that comes from Mexico and Guatemala, during which we work with the medicinal plant of cacao; more precisely with his spirit. This allows us to connect to our heart and to experience an opening of this space in our center. Here we have access to new dimensions: our emotional body, our soul, our deep aspirations and our divine state.


For about two hours, I would guide you with vibrations, instruments, guided meditations, energy healing and other sacred techniques in order to accompany you with softness and gentleness in the accuracy of what you need, here and now.


Each session and each experience is unique, because we co-create a space together in order to navigate with sacred medicine.

What if we would like to do it as a couple?

A special couple option is available for each package, which means an energy healing for each person individually, as well as a couple's session with cacao:

* Package 1 +150.-CHF

* Package 2 + 150.-CHF

* Package 3 + 300.-CHF