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Discover the art and science of natural movement, to be able to approach your mat and your daily  life with ease and softness.


Stråla yoga is an approach based on natural movement that allows all practitioners to find the most appropriate gestures for their body. By connecting the breath to the movement, it results in a state of profound ease that allows us to fully immerse ourselves in the present moment, to listen to our body and thus effectively meet its needs.


"Move like water, fueled by your breath. The result is Flow State. You tap into your creativity and intuition. You feel elevated, energized. You find your own best body, best fitness, and best health. You get happy. You radiate light. " by stråla


This workshop is an immersive introduction to the stråla universe, which will allow each participant to find his ease in his movements, his breath, his states of mind.

We slow down, we breathe deeply so we can listen to what is happening inside and feel. We find the movements that make us feel good!


In a few hours, participants will be able to:

  • Experiment with yoga stråla

  • Have a glimpse of the philosophy of stråla yoga

  • Discover the science of natural movement

  • Use the breath to accomplish more with less effort

  • Connect deeply with themselves and their environment

  • Move with ease, physically and generally



See the next dates in the events or book yours today at home, in your yoga studio or at your office!

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