strÅlive is a concept of unique events that combine stråla yoga and live music, enabling participants to feel fully ALIVE.


Yoga practioners and musicians share a space where a multidimensional, spontaneous co-creation gives rise to a magical awareness of being.


The invitation is open to all – age, experience or suppleness are not relevant - as long as you are motivated to move and to breathe!


If we are able to breathe deeply, we are able to practice stråla yoga, and we can enjoy the strÅlive experience!


strÅlive was born from a desire to explore the concept of radiating well-being from the inside out.


The strÅlive environment is designed to allow a multi-dimensional experience, carried by the rhythm of the instruments, the movement and the breath.


The venue and the musical concept for each event vary according to the season.


Join the strålive experience!



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