The Inkatis are beings of the extra-Earth who live on an exogenous planet from the solar system.


Their teachings are about humans, the Earth, all living things and allow us to understand certain mechanisms that are part of ourselves or cycles larger than us.

They will allow you to discover, learn and explore techniques and methods to live better in the here and now. The Inkati people have a lot to share with us and do it in an original way triggering our feelings, our emotions and our perceptions of the world. Through various teachings, you are invited to develop your intuition, your perceptions, and your approach to yourself and others.


Their techniques are often advised by the Doctors of Heaven - for example teaching 18 which helps with heavy overflowing emotions.


Lessons 1 to 21 each have a theoretical and a practical part, so that students can practice during the training - then apply the various tools to their daily lives to be balanced, within themselves and within their environment .


The extra part has 13 symbols that each have a particular powerful activation (one theme per symbol). They can be used and activated at any time, according to your needs.


  1. Introduction to Inkatis teachings

  2. Courage, fear, world's evolution

  3. Crystal programming

  4. Vibrational frequencies

  5. Knowledge assimilation

  6. Decisions

  7. Prayer to the living

  8. Internal system

  9. Electromagnetic field by Sirius

  10. Connexion

  11. Being as a whole

  12. Brightening Consciousness with Atalak

  13. Defining the vibrations of Inkatis

  14. Creation

  15. Live food

  16. Balm for the heart and shoulders

  17. Earth, interconnected to the Universe

  18. Overflowing emotions

  19. Universal Treaty for Peace and Love

  20. Divine light

  21. Atalak

  22. Additional Part: Symbols and Activations

The lessons can be followed individually according to the themes, although it is advisable to follow the entire Inkatis program. Students move at their own pace, accompagned by Kim and Inkatis.

All teachings and practice can be done at distance, with continuons monitoring from the Inkatis through Kim.


All teachings: 390.-CHF

Individual teaching: 40.CHF

Additional Part (symbols): 70.-CHF