The MDC (Sky Doctors) Therapist Training is for anyone who wants to learn how to disconnect from the mental mode and thus become a channel of transmission and reception.

" Welcome to all those who would like to widen their celestial horizons. To all those who would like to connect with  their deep inner self  while feeling as one with their whole being. We shall guide you, we shall accompany you by Kim as channel. We will be with you during these various sessions, these various teachings, learnings which will help you to rise, and to anchor yourself even more profoundly in your being. To take your place here, as such.
In trust, in love, in the benevolence, we are united. We are delighted to pursue the learnings with you " The MDC

During presential training, students will be invited to experience the various MDC proposals, exercises and sacred transmissions.

The training is during 4 days in Lausanne. Dates for 2022 available here

This includes courses, in-class practice and monitoring of MDC through Kim throughout the whole training period.

1111.-chf per person, possibility of paying by monthly balance