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About KIM

Shine your light!

I was born the first time on July 21, and a second time at 21! It was following an intense period of illness that I was able to reborn and find myself. 


Before starting my studies at Ecole Hotelière de Lausanne, hospitality management school in Switzerland, I had the chance to grow up in more than ten countries on four continents. This unique experience gave me valuable insight into various cultures of the world and taught me that well-being can manifest itself in different ways, while respecting and honoring life in all its forms.


Here are some of my centersinterest and areas ofskill:


  • The sacred plants medicine

  • The essences aromatic and alchemical

  • Energetic therapies and various healing approaches

  • Somatic practices, including yoga, qi gong, mayan belly massage, somatic release and breathwork

  • Channeling

  • The exploration of the unconscious through dreams and hypnosis

  • The magic of conscious (re)birth and its rituals passing through

  • The alchemy of sound with alchemical crystal bowls and therapeutic chants

  • The study of interactions between matter and subtle energy


All these experiences inspired the creation of withKim®, an initiative that I founded with the aim of helping every person to radiate your own light, from the inside out. I believe that everyone has the necessary potential available to heal, understand, evolve in alignment with your essence. There are many ways to connect with this, hence the personalized care or support that I offer as a doula.


In addition to withKim®, I founded the MANA School, a personal development school where I offer various trainings, including channeling, energetic therapy, herbal medicines such as cacao and dream work. The MANA School also welcomes other experienced trainers and practitioners who offer workshops and conferences, and who participate in podcast that I host, the MANA podcast.

My online store, withKim Shop, offers a selection of products carefully created and chosen to help you on your well-being journey. There you will find a healing oracle (DAÏA), ceremonial cocoa, yoni eggs and sacred herbs, as well as various elixirs and other treasures.


Finally, the music is another of my passions and I integrate it into my therapeutic practices during cacao rituals and sound ceremonies. You can also discover my music on, on Spotify and on Instagram


Looking forward to supporting you on your journey personal development.


Together, let's shine your light !

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