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Discover the healing power of cacao, an ancestral medicinal plant from Central America, through a sacred cacao ritual which I have carefully developed.


To support you in this precious journey, I suggest you three formulas different: the group sessions, sessions individual and the Cacao Dieta.


Group Cacao Rituals


Usually I organize cacao circles during the new moon, full moon or during specific energy portals throughout the year. These moments are chosen for us align with beneficial energies of these periods.


During these ceremonies, I use sacred cacao as a spiritual guide. This ritual promotes release of love energy and healing, the healing of wounds from the past, meditation, and connection with your higher self.


Each group cacao ritual is unique, depending on the energy of the group, the location, the phase of the moon and the specific themes addressed by the Beings of Light. Check my events page for the next one ceremonial space with cacao.

Individual Cacao Rituals


If you prefer a more intimate experience, I also offer individual sacred cacao rituals at the MANA space in Lausanne. During these sessions, I adapt to your current needs and expectations.


Private spaces may include guided meditations, drum journeys, hypnosis, sharing on current energies, messages from the Beings of Light, energy healing, emotional releases, alchemy crystal bowl baths, alchemy of movement and sound, and medicine songs.


Each session lasts approximately 2 hours. The prices are as follows:


1 person: 180.-chf

2-3 people: 150.-chf per person

4 people: 135.-chf per person


I also suggest organizing larger private rituals for special occasions such as birthdays, sacred unions, Mama Blessing, ritual of passage such as menarche, the end of the moons with rebozo ritual, menopause, mourning or other group initiation. For more information on these private rituals for more than 4 people, I invite you to contact me directly.

Cacao Dieta


If you are looking for a deeper connection with the cacao, I offer you Cacao Dieta. This intense experience will allow you to create an intimate connection with the spirit of cacao. More information on this formula will be provided upon request.

To reserve your place in one of my ceremonial spaces with cacao, please visit the page events on this site. There you will find the upcoming dates and once registered you will receive the details on how to prepare for the ceremony.

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