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Kim, Doula in Lausanne: Complete Support for Your Birth Journey

I am a Doula based in Lausanne, specialized in complete holistic support of your perinatal journey: pre-conception, pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum.

What is a Doula?

Doula is a caring guide, listening to needs emotional And physical women and their families during the perinatal period. I combine science and ancestral tradition, to create spaces of healing and support, entirely dedicated to you and your well-being.

I rely on the ancestral rituals support and transmission that lie at the heart of every family and community. I surround, support and prepare women during this sacred period of their life.

My services

  • Rituals : I create rituals to mark and celebrate the different stages of your perinatal journey.

  • Emotional and energetic support : I offer holistic healing sessions, hypnosis, Rebozo healing, sound and plant alchemies as well as somatic practices to support your emotional and energetic balance during this period.

  • Placental transformation : I also accompany the placental transformation, highlighting the beauty and significance of this step.

My approach

I am committed to providing healing and sharing spaces throughout your motherhood journey. My goal is to provide tools and  knowledge as guidance to allowing you to make informed and conscious decisions to live an optimal birth experience.

I had the privilegeto study and to grow in my practice with Quantik Mama, Free Birth Society, Naoli Vinaver, Barbara Harper, as well as different traditional midwives from Colombia, Guatemala and Mexico. My experience is also infused with all the women and men medicine from different root traditions that I had the chance to sit and learn with.

The support steps

  • Preconception : I guide and support you before your journey even begins, preparing the physical, emotional and environmental groundwork for a healthy and peaceful conception.

  • Pregnancy : I accompany you throughout your pregnancy, offering support and care to ensure your well-being throughout this journey.

  • Childbirth : I am by your side during your birth, providing you with the emotional and physical support you need.

  • Postpartum : I continue to support you after the birth of your baby, helping with the transition to this new phase of your life.

My formulas

I propose a complete support for conception, pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum, or support "à la carte", adapted to your current needs. I also work with specialized professionals to offer you comprehensive support.

Groups and workshops

I offer group sessions on demand for expectant mothers and couples, offering rituals or group support.

Let's talk about it

If cost is a concern, please contact me directly to discuss options. Your well-being is my priority.

I am not attached to any professional order and I offer my services mainly in person but also remotely.

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