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Kim, Doula in Lausanne: 

Your Partner in Perinatal Support


As a Doula, I am at your disposal for a personalized support at every stage of your perinatal journey.


Whether you are in the phase of creation, of pregnancychildbirth or postpartum, I offer support packages specially adapted to your needs. Discover below the detail of each of these formulas.

Whatever your choice, we let's start always have a first meeting to see if we can match. This lasts about an hour and costs 100.-chf.

This amount is deducted from the package if we choose to continue!

For each formula, I offer you 3 prices according to your possibilities;financial;

a fair recommended price, a more conscious price and a solidarity price.

We can also establish a tailor-made formula proposal according to your needs of the moment :)

* Design consciously * 

Aiming to prepare your body and mind for conception and fertility, this formula includes:


  • first meeting to understand your needs

  • soul calling ritual and manifestation of project (cacao, sound healing  and manifestation ritual)

  • Share on energy hygiene, psychological and physical to promote fertility (diet, supplementation, practices and complete advice)

  • Availability on call or in writing

  • Possibility of adding energy healing session if needed.


Base price: 500.-chf | Conscious price: 650.- chf | Solidarity price: 400.- chf

* Pregnancy & childbirth * 

Ideal for a support throughout your pregnancy and during childbirth. This formula includes:


  • first meeting to set your expectations

  • 3 meetings during pregnancy addressing various themes of your choice

  • An energy healing or hypnosis session or bath sound Or rebozo ritual

  • 120 Day Ceremony and/or Mama Blessing: Ritual of passage before childbirth

  • Attendance at birth

  • Availability on call or in writing throughout pregnancy + childbirth


Base price: 2000.-chf | Conscious price: 2500.- chf | Solidarity price: 1800-chf

* Pregnancy, childbirth & postpartum * 

A complete formula to accompany youpregnancy to postpartum period. It offers:


  • first meeting to set your expectations

  • 3 meetings during pregnancy (the themes covered are your choice)

  • Two MDC treatments or hypnosis session (in person or remotely)

  • 120 day ceremony and/orMama Blessing: Ritual of passage before childbirth

  • Attendance at birth

  • 3 postpartum meetings (energy care, emotional support, sound bath, ritual to close the vortex of birth)

  • Availability on call or in writing


Base price: 3000.-chf | Conscious price: 3500.- chf | Solidarity price: 2500.- chf

* Full Healing* 

This formula designed forholistic wellness includes care during a conception project, pregnancy and/or postpartum, with:


  • A first meeting to define your needs

  • 2 energy healings during conception / pregnancy to harmonize your energies OR a private cacao ritual

  • 2 hypnosis sessions, ideal for preparation at childbirth and to facilitate the transition to postpartum

  • 2 energy healings /hypnosis / sound bath / Rebozo healing ritual postpartum to support your recovery and adjustment to maternity

  • Availability on call or in writing throughout your journey

  • These sessions can take place individually or as a couple, depending on your preferences and can take place in person or remotely. The flexibility of this formula allows you to adapt the type of healing session to your specific desires and needs throughout your journey.


Base price: 888.-chf | Conscious price: 999.- chf | Solidarity price: 777.- chf

These formulas are for information only andcan be adapted based on your specific needs.


Do not hesitate to contact me to discuss the formula that would suit you best. I undertake to provide you withquality support, in the respect for your choices and your individuality.

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