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Cacao Dieta:
Deep connection with the sacred spirit of cacao

What is a Cacao Dieta?

The “dieta” offers a unique opportunity to establish an intimate relationship with the spirit of sacred cacao, a medicinal plant native to Central America. This ancestral practice, in use for millennia by the Mayans, allows us to connect body, soul and spirit with this precious medicinal plant.

Whether you are a novice or a follower of holistic medicine, the dieta offers you an opportunity to strengthen your inner connection, work on a particular theme or let yourself be guided by the energy of love.

What are the benefits of sacred cacao?


Sacred cacao is a powerful and subtle ally on your path towards the inner understanding of your evolution. It promotes the release of loving and healing energies, healing of past hurts, meditation and connection with your higher self.


Cacao also provides hundreds of extraordinary physical benefits that accompany this spiritual connection: digestive, anti-oxidant and stimulating benefits. It aligns and recenters, improves memory and concentration, reprograms at the brain and cellular level, purifies the kidneys and much more!

How is my Dieta prepared?


Depending on the length of your dieta (7, 11, or 22 days), you will receive an appropriate amount of sacred cacao as well as selected spices/benefits to support your intentional work with cacao. These supplements will be chosen specifically for you, based on your personal intentions.

What support is offered?


During our first meeting, I will explain to you how to prepare your cacao and what are the possible paths of exploration with this sacred medicinal plant. I provide my tools as well as my connection with the Beings of Light, we will offer you unique guidance and support throughout the process, tailor-made and adapted to your personal needs.

Why start a cacao dieta?


The cacao dieta is an invitation to explore cacao medicine at your own pace, while benefiting from personalized support. It can be undertaken for physical, emotional, spiritual intentions, or simply because you feel called to do so. I offer remote sessions, from home, the environment in which you feel best.


What is the commitment required?


The commitment you make in the dieta is soul to soul, between you and sacred cacao. You will receive personalized guidance throughout your journey.


The cacao dieta does not require drastic changes in eating habits! On the contrary, I explain to you how to best adapt your lifestyle and eating habits without radical change.

What is included in the price?


The price of the dieta includes medicinal plants as well as several remote support sessions. These sessions may include:


Refining your intentions and creating a workspace

A somatic, hypnotic, ritual or respiratory exploration

Energy treatment and direct channeling by the Beings of Light

A sharing of experience

A review and a smooth transition

What additional options are offered?


In addition to your cacao dieta, you have the opportunity to attend a cacao ritual at a preferential rate. This option offers you the opportunity to experience the power of community in a sacred space, enriching your personal healing journey.

Why choose a soul perfume?


Another option available to you is the use of a soul perfume, specifically formulated in connection with your dietary intentions. This fragrance, offered at a reduced price (44.-chf instead of 55.-chf), can offer an additional dimension to your dieta experience, providing aromatic support in your spiritual journey.​

I am here to guide you every step of your journey with sacred cacao. Whether through a group cocoa ceremony, a private session, or a cocoa dieta, my goal is to best support you in your process of discovery and healing. This experience with sacred cocoa offers you the opportunity to connect with yourself on a deeper level, heal past wounds and open to the energy of love and healing. 


I am honored to be able to share this sacred medicine with you and accompany you on your journey of personal transformation. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any questions or additional information. We look forward to meeting you and sharing this rich and profound experience with you.

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7 days

7 days

Ceremonial cocoa + spices

3 meetings

Supports & continuous monitoring

* Fragrance optionlady

333.- CHF

Image by Marc-Olivier Jodoin

11 days

11 days

Ceremonial Cocoa & spices

4 meetings

Supports & continuous monitoring

* Fragrance optionlady

444.- CHF

Image by Darius Bashar

22 days

22 days

Ceremonial Cocoa & spices

5 meetings

Supports & continuous monitoring

* Fragrance optionlady

777.- CHF

"What a journey! THANK YOU to Kim and cacao for this experience that I won’t soon forget. I was just curious... without having any idea of what awaited me. I am transformed, I feel new, full of vitality and enthusiasm after this diet. Kim accompanied me with kindness and a lot of understanding, patience and subtlety - always perfectly in tune with what I needed. I felt her present every day, and always very available for all my questions (there were some!). I come away grown, touched and very honored. Have a good trip to future travelers! »Anne P.

"I would like to express my deep gratitude for this experience which allowed me to enter deeply into myself. I had great realizations as well as great moments of transformation, which were perfect to accompany my period current life. Kim is a trustworthy person, with a big heart who shares abundantly her wisdom, her tenderness and her knowledge. Our exchanges were sincere and rich. Thank you to the Universe for having guided me towards her - I sense filled with joy to be accompanied with such aptness." Laura S.

"I was called to share these 11 days, heart to heart with the soul of Cacao Sacré. If I have to explain what it is to others, I define it perfectly like this: “it was a journey to center of myself, in my heart, my soul, being accompanied by a guide of love, who opens the path with his lantern in his hand. He lights the path, but not only that. He also shows me the parts shadow, the parts of wound, very old and deep wounds, hidden, which demand healing. And during this wonderful journey, we are accompanied very closely by the Spirit of the Rose, by the Beings of Light, Ascended Masters, what a grace! What a grace to share such an enriching, sometimes overwhelming journey, to grow in the heart, in the soul, and to walk hand in hand, heart in heart, with my soul."  ;

Throughout the process Kim was present, available, and we deepened and broadened the scope of this work which is still in progress. Through these sessions I was able to experience hypnosis which was unknown to me until then and which was of absolute depth and relevance. 

To all those who are curious, who inquire with a lot of "what if?", trust your intuition, the work and the joy that comes from this work with Cacao Medicine serves to take care of the Soul of the World . We are the World, and the World is you!” Road P.

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