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Oracle DAÏA

Oracle DAÏA


Daïa is a healing oracle deck for oneself, the Earth and beyond. Channeled with the Beings of Light, it takes the dual form of living illustrations and vibratory texts. Each of the 36 cards represents a unique painting which constitutes a treatment in its own right. They are accompanied by the booklet which transcribes the channeled messages and offers a ritual specific to each card. Discover the Daïa universe: observe, feel, receive…


This tool is aimed at you who want to discover well-being in its entirety. Daïa is accessible, authentic, easy to use, and spreads its power to all the souls who walk with it! Open the door and meet your personal magic.


You can choose your packaging: the Daïa cardboard box, the linen pouch in indigo/pink vegetable dye or in boiled wool (red/blue/heather grey) handcrafted with love and conscience.

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