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Soul perfume (taylor-made)

Soul perfume (taylor-made)


Your soul scent is unique and prepared in conscious connection with it. Thus, the oils that will present themselves will be those that correspond to the request of your soul, in the here and now.


Personal synergy will act as such: a union of sacred plants in symbiosis.

Olfactotherapy allows in-depth work on the different levels of consciousness. Indeed, the perfume will act as much on a conscious level with the power of your intentions as on an unconscious level where communication from one dimension to another will be made more fluid.


All oils used are organic and of high vibrational quality.


Before creating your soul perfume, it is possible to place a particular intention there, in order to guide the work with the essences.
The intention can be a wish, an orientation, a particular request. You can note it directly in the intended field when ordering.


Whether you simply want to breathe in your soul's scent or want to do specific work, the magic of oils will amaze you!


You receive your perfume with guidance in the form of guided meditation (audio format) for your ritual of meeting your sacred essences.

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