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Image by Krystal Ng


Sound Healing with Alchemy Crystal Bowls

Discover Sound Healing with Alchemy Crystal Bowls


As a sound healing practitioner, I use Alchemy Crystal Bowls© to offer you a healing experience profound and transformative. These bowls are made from pure quartz crystal or other crystals and elements according to alchemies, which gives them unique vibrational properties.


The benefits of Sound Healing with Alchemy Crystal Bowls


During a Sound Treatment session, you can benefit from numerous benefits for your body, mind and soul:


  • Relaxation deep and stress reduction

  • Liberates and harmonizes the central nervous system

  • Harmonization of energies andrebalancing chakras

  • Liberation of emotional blockages and physical tensions

  • Expansion of consciousness and elevation of vibrational frequency

  • Promotion of spiritual alignment and personal transformation


What to expect during a Sound Healing session with the Alchemy Crystal Bowls?


During a Sound Treatment session, you will lie down comfortably and let yourself be lulled by the harmonious sounds crystal bowls. The vibrations will penetrate deep, enveloping you in a gentle feeling of relaxationand of inner peace. Every journey is unique And adapted to your specific needs.


The Alchemy of Sound Healing is created by the combination of intention, the energy of the practitioner and the vibrations of the crystal bowls. When I play the bowls, I connect with universal energy to channel healing frequencies and transmit them through the sounds and vibrations of the bowls.

Book your Sound Healing with the Alchemy Crystal Bowls


Dive into the magic of crystal clear sounds and discover Sound Care for nourish your Being in deep harmony.


Embark on a healing and transformation experience with a Sound Healing with the Alchemy Crystal Bowls by booking a session now.

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