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Hypnosis treatment sessions:

A journey of transformation and healing

What is hypnosis ?


Hypnosis, anatural statethat we experience every day, is asource of regeneration. As a practitioner trained in Ericksonian hypnosis, regressive hypnosis and between-lives hypnosis, I adapt my hypnosis sessions to your personal goals and your current energy.

How does a Hypnosis Treatment take place?


A session lasts approximately one hour. These hypnosis sessions can take place in Lausanne or remotely. If you want to explore a theme related to a past life in depth, I recommend aprivate cocoa ritual for more complete support. The hypnosis session in Lausanne costs 150.- CHF. 

My sessions arerecognized and validated by ASCA © and are reimbursed if your supplementary insurance recognizes hypnosis.

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Ericksonian Hypnosis: Liberation and Activation of your Resources


Ericksonian hypnosis offers a way tosaltiberate quickly and easilynt, while activating helpful resources for your journey. By facilitating cooperation between the conscious and the unconscious, this form of hypnosis allows you to direct your action towards aspecific objective.


She isrecognized for its effectiveness in the relief ofanxiety, panic attacks,overwork, pain,addictions, as well as in the treatment ofinsomnia and somedepression. Whether you are looking to change a behavior, achieve a goal or simply recharge your batteries, hypnosis treatment is apowerful option.


As a guide, I offer these hypnosis sessions in aspirit of trust and kindness, helping you discover within yourself the solutions for abetter life.


The number of hypnosis sessions depends on your personal goal and your current journey. Remember, every path is unique!


Regressive Hypnosis: Exploring Past Lives


Regressive hypnosis takes you into one or more of yourpast, allowing you to find answers to your current questions, understand states, relationships, personality traits, or evenfree yourself from non-beneficial energiesand certain conditions such as stress, anxiety, grief, addictions.


This type of hypnosis treatment can also serve as aexperience of personal or spiritual development.


With aobjective of evolution and understanding, this journey can be powerful, giving you an experience of safety, kindness and love.

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