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Mayan Belly Massage


What is Mayan Belly Massage?


The Mayan Belly Massage is an ancient healing technique which focuses on the abdominal region to promote balance and well-being. It is based on traditional practices of the Mayans, who considered the belly to be the center of physical and emotional health.

The benefits of Mayan Belly Massage


The Mayan Belly Massage offers many benefits for body and mind. Discover the multiple benefits of the Mayan Belly Massage for your overall well-being :


  • Improvement of thedigestion and intestinal transit

  • Relaxation deep and stress reduction

  • Release of tensions and energy blockages in the stomach

  • Regulation of the menstrual cycle and relief period pain

  • Strengthening the immune system

  • Relief of endometriosis, of back pain

  • Improvement of cycles non-regular and fertility


What to expect during a Mayan Belly Massage healing session?


A typical session of Mayan Belly Massage lasts between 60 and 90 minutes. During the session, you will lie comfortably and your practitioner will use gentle, rhythmic movements to gently massage your stomach. The massage can be accompanied by essential oils, herbal wraps or relaxation techniques. It accentuates physical and emotional liberation and provides great well-being.

The price of the Maya belly massage is 180.-chf

Important: The Mayan Belly Massage is not recommended in the following situations:


  • Pregnancy

  • Acute inflammations or infections in the abdominal area

  • Untreated inguinal or umbilical hernia


What they say:

"I immediately knew that this was the treatment I needed. I was simply hoping to relieve my endometriosis. I left with much more than that: better digestion and emotional management, calm and deep alignment . After 3 sessions, I feel like new, it's incredible! Thank you Kim" Pauline C.

"I did two sessions with Kim for the belly massage. It's much more than a massage: Kim combines emotional release, hypnosis, plants and obviously her gentleness and kindness which make this healing session a treasure for the body and the heart. I recommend it with my eyes closed" Mathias E.

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