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Image by Gigin Krishnan


The placenta is a sacred organ which accompanied your baby in its incarnation and which linked you throughout the pregnancy. We can observe its tree shape, which symbolizes the link between Earth and Sky, anchoring in the passages.


Placentophagy is an art that allows you and your baby to benefit from all the benefits of your placenta. This practice goes back thousands of years in many ancient cultures, and it bears witness to the treasure that is the placenta. 

The placenta is known to contain significant amounts of trace elements(iron, selenium, calcium, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc). There are also essential amino acids, of thevitamins: B1, B2, B5, B6, B7, B9 and B12. In short: an extremely beneficial during the 4th trimester of this beautiful journey, your postpartum (and also all of life)! 


The placenta is a gentle and powerful means of regain your vital energy, help the uterus to return to its initial size, increase its level of iron, minerals, oxytocin… Here are the proposals:

Image by Edz Norton


*Encapsulation of placenta (between 100 and 250 capsules depending on the person) 324.-chf

*Encapsulation + Placenta mother tincture (3 x 50ml)
369.- chf

*Placenta balm: 44.- chf

*Microdose cocoa & placenta (for mom and/or dad, tailor-made recipe according to your needs): one-month protocol

*Mixture oforganic ayurvedic spices  with placenta, 62.-chf per pot

*Image ofwater crystals informed of energy from the placenta 33.-chf

Some examples of the capsules benefits:

-Harmonization and hormonal regulation

-Oxytocin intake (promotes breastfeeding, attachment and well-being)

-Reduce lochia (bleeding after childbirth)

-Energy intake, milk production

-Help the uterus return to its initial size

-Prevent hair loss

-Relieve headaches, insomnia, stress, muscle cramps

-Increase vital energy and libido, irregular menstrual cycles

-Help with skin problems

-And even more magic to discover by experimenting!

The mother tincture allows storage well beyond 2 years and thus provides long-term support for mother and baby.

The balm proves to be a valuable aid for chapped skin, burns and the well-being of the skin. All ingredients are organic, gentle and support skin well-being.

I transform only one placenta at a time: yours! I dedicate myself to doing it with love and respect, in optimal hygienic conditions.

How does it work?

1. Please contact me by email to let me know your wishes (encapsulation, tincture, balm, etc.)

2. Before confirming your transformation, you will receive an online form to complete in order to share certain details

3. We then organize ourselves to validate the recovery of the placenta: I can come pick it up or you can drop it off for me

4. After recovery of your placenta, I undertake to transform it and deliver it to you within 5 days maximum

5. Your treasures with an explanatory reminder of the properties, dosage and other information. We can also exchange during the delivery so that I can answer all your questions :)

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