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Natural candle

Natural candle


Two new candles have been designed to accompany current energies: rose and rose incense.


They are composed of vegetable and organic wax (coconut & rapeseed), as well as crystals:


Pink Candle: agate crystals from Brazil, stone of harmony, protection, calm and luck. It supports balance on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Anxieties calm down and give way to a balance between masculine and feminine energies. It is purified with salt water and it is charged in the sun and under the moon.


Incense Rose Candle:dragon vein agate crystals. In addition to all the virtues of agate, it stimulates curiosity, activates intuition and general fluidity. It is a stone that works on the circulatory, digestive and lymphatic systems. It also acts on the eyes, cramps, back pain, headaches and lungs.



Powerful sacred symbol of self-confidence and protection, thepink diffuses its delicate essence for inner refocusing. It balances internal forces and activates unconditional love.

Incense purifies, protects, brings serenity and prosperity. Its composition of terpenes gives it an anxiolytic, rebalancing and revitalizing role.


Together, these elements enableopening of the heartr, balance,refocusing, all in thecandy and light.


Place your most beautiful intentions in your candle and spread them by lighting it!


Once the candle is lit and the wax has melted, the agate crystal can be used as a pocket stone, placed on your sacred space, or simply as decoration.


Each piece is unique because they are made artisanally, locally and with a lot of love.

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