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Alchemical Elixir

Alchemical Elixir


Alchemical elixirs are made in the sacred art of transformation by the elements. Spagyria proposes to purify the body, mind and soul of the plant through water, earth, fire and air. We then obtain energized versions of the plants, in order to work with them in their entirety: from the material to the most subtle.


Taking an alchemical elixir as a cure allows you to contact the spirit of the plant and benefit from its medicine. All the plants used are local, wild harvested from wonderful places in Switzerland, to ensure their vibrational quality.


Your elixir is created tailor-made in connection with your Being so that the plants that will be most beneficial to you are selected.


Your elixir can contain a single essence (one plant) or a synergy (several plants).

Each elixir comes with an explanatory leaflet.


Container: 10ml

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