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Rose Elixir

Rose Elixir


Its sacred geometry, its fragrance, its symbols and its vibrational medicine make the rose a timeless symbol of love, beauty and balance.


The “queen of flowers” is a great teacher, an ambassador of love, a healer.


This elixir is for me if I wish:


  • Activate my personal growth
  • Undertake or continue work on my heart, my center
  • Freeing blockages
  • Relax and welcome my being in its entirety
  • (Re)activate my self-healing power
  • Unify and align the different parts of my being
  • Discover the sacred dimension of plant spirits and the plant world
  • Introduce myself to the subtle worlds
  • Journey towards self-love


The elixirs are made in an artisanal, local and natural way. 


You can work with Rose medicine sporadically or as a cure. For more information about the Rose, you can follow the training“Introduction to Rose Care”.

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