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Yoni egg

Yoni egg


Unholey yoni eggs, purified and energized crystals. Choose the stone with your heart, according to what calls you most. Here are a few words about each:


*Rose Quartz: very soft stone which allows connection to the energies of comfort, peace and love.

Sizes: small (21.-chf) and large (36.-chf)


*Obsidian: very powerful anchoring stone, which acts on all wounds linked to trauma, abuse and memories of violence in the intimate space.

Sizes: small (23.-chf), medium (38.-chf), large (49.-chf)


*Nephrite Jade: stone of wisdom, sacred for millennia in Asia/China. Its gentle energy soothes and harmonizes from the inside. It also works on the distribution of water in the body, the kidneys and the female reproductive system.

Sizes: small (41.-chf), medium (57.-chf), large (77.-chf)

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