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Microdose Protocol

Microdose Protocol


Your tailor-made microdose protocol!


Microdose is a powerful way to potentiate medicines used by the information principle. Far from being new, the father of homeopathy, the German Samuel Hahnemann, has already highlighted this concept.


The microdose therefore consists of absorbing very small quantities of a substance which will go exactly where it needs to act.

Cocoa, in addition to being a medicine in its own right, allows for better absorption of the treasures of your microdose protocol thanks to its power of vasodilation.


With your intentions, I make your cacao-based protocol. This could be composed of spices, plants, mushrooms that will meet your needs!


Best for: reprogramming, releasing memories, life changes, anchoring, opening the heart, healing wounds...


Choice: one month or two month protocol


Each protocol is delivered with an explanation of the content and use

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