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Sound Healing - Alchemy crystal bowl bath

Sound Healing - Alchemy crystal bowl bath


Make yourself comfortable with headphones or good speakers, make sure you are not disturbed.


The sound bath is an approach that works with the waves and frequencies produced by alchemy crystal bowls. Each bowl is unique, composed of a particular alchemy fusing, among other things, rare crystals and its precious metals whose sound makes it possible to activate and stimulate corresponding energies.


The purity and clarity of the sound of alchemy crystal bowls deeply purifies, relieves certain imbalances and/or pain, releases stress, increases intuition and mental clarity and soothes the nervous system as well as all body systems. A kind of powerful vibrational “reset”.


Remote listening makes no difference in the effect on messages transmitted to the brain and body!


You can set an intention for your care, or simply receive what is most right here and now.


Have a good trip!

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