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Rebozo Healing Ritual

What is Rebozo Healing?


The Rebozo Treatment is a traditional practice of Mexican origin which uses a fabric called "rebozo" to provide therapeutic care. This fabric is used in a way enveloping, soft and respectful to provide physical, emotional and energetic support.


The benefits of Rebozo Healing


The Rebozo Healing session presents numerous benefits for the body and mind, notably :


  • Relaxation deep andrelaxation muscle tension

  • Relief stress, anxiety and fatigue

  • Improvement of theblood circulation and lymphatic

  • Energy alignment,anchoring and rebalancing of the chakras

  • Emotional liberation andsupport during life transitions

The benefits of the Rebozo treatment sessionduring pregnancy :​​

  • Relieves tension lumbar

  • Reduces sciatic nerve pain

  • Free them pelvic muscles internal

  • It's a powerful emotional support

  • There are no contraindications during pregnancy until birth.

What to expecte during a Rebozo Healing session?


A typical Rebozo Treatment session approximately 90 minutes. During the session, you will be wrapped comfortably in the rebozo, and different techniques will be used, such as rocking, rocking and gentle movements. There will also be a gentle belly massage with an herbal wrap for body balancing. The price of this Rebozo healing simple session is 180.-chf


I will make sure to create a safe and beautiful space to promote your relaxation and healing.


Possibility to reserve a complete 3-hour Rebozo treatment (with hammam, energy cleansing, belly massage, etc.). The price of this complete Rebozo full ritual healing is 280.-chf


How to book a Rebozo Ritual?


I would be delighted to accompany you in this unique healing experience and deep relaxation.


Discover the transformative benefits of Rebozo Healing and book your session now. 


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