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Spinal Attunement

What is Spinal Attunement?

Spinal Attunement is a globally accredited modality that combines Western principles of trauma healing with Eastern philosophy and subtle, energetic work.

By acting on specific areas of tension in the spine and the nervous system, it is possible to gently relax these points through the subtle energy systems. Spinal Attunement allows harmonization from the inside out, at the physical, mental, emotional and energetic levels.


Despite its gentle and non-invasive approach, this treatment remains very powerful.

This in-depth work on the spine allows it to generate reorganizing waves in the body. These activate the divine and innate intelligence of the body which has the wisdom to regain its balance.

The benefits of Spinal Attunement


Here are some of the benefits reported after one or more sessions (in person or online) of spinal harmonization treatment:


  • Release of physical tension in the back, stomach or other part of the body

  • Changes in the nervous system

  • Liberation from physical, emotional and transgenerational trauma

  • Deep relaxation and release of muscle tension

  • Awareness of body sensitivity

  • Relief from stress, anxiety and fatigue

  • Re-alignment with the deeper self

  • Release vital energy, potentials and circuits of the body

  • Deep regeneration

  • Reconnection to one’s essence, joy, love and trust



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What to expect during a Spinal Attunement session?


A typical Spinal Attunement Treatment session generally lasts 60 minutes for the first session then around 45 minutes for the following sessions. It is in a lying position that you can enjoy this inner journey of deep liberation. However, if your current situation does not allow this position, we can adapt it to a sitting posture for example. The work is carried out on the physical and energetic spine.


During this experience, it is possible to feel physical movements, buried emotions which emerge and are released. This treatment allows a return to an aligned physical and energetic posture, healthy energy that circulates harmoniously. By aligning and balancing the energy of the spine, it is not uncommon to experience relief from physical and emotional pain, as well as an improvement in your overall quality of life by being more centered and grounded.

I will ensure that I create a space of safety and kindness to promote your liberation and healing.


The price of this individual treatment is 150.-chf per session

For 3 sessions: 400.- instead of 450.-

For children: approximately 30 minutes 100.-chf

Payment on site in cash / bank transfer or twint (in order of preference)

*Possibility of organizing group sessions, 4 people maximum.

Contact me by email for this option

Treatments in Lausanne take place Rue Saint-Laurent 19.

Please ring “Espace 19” and go up to the 2nd floor!

This treatment is for you if:

- You want to free yourself from physical, emotional, subtle blockages

- You have chronic pain and/or an autoimmune disease

- You simply want to regenerate and recharge your batteries

- You would like to unleash your potential, your creativity

- You have a history of burn-out, adrenal insufficiency

- You have difficulty feeling your emotions, creating a relationship with your body

- You have difficulty being in the present moment

- You feel the transgenerational weight

- You experience blockages in your sexuality, your communication

- You feel stuck in your life, you are at a turning point

- You would like to live from your heart but a lot of it happens in your head

- And obviously, simply if you feel the call. Your body's wisdom will prioritize what is needed in the moment

How do I book a Spinal Attunement Treatment?

I would be delighted to accompany you in this unique and emerging experience of deep healing and liberation.


Discover the transformative benefits of Spinal Attunement Treatment and book your session now.

Remote and in-person sessions. Anyone welcome (children/babies, pregnant women too)


Any session missed without warning 24 hours in advance is due. Thank you for your understanding.

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Comment réserver un Soin Spinal Attunement?


Je serais ravie de vous accompagner dans cette expérience unique et émergente de soin et de libération profonde.


Découvrez les bienfaits transformateurs du Soin Spinal Attunement et réservez votre séance dès maintenant. 

Séances à distance et en personne. Toute personne bienvenue (enfants/bébés, femmes enceintes aussi)


Toute séance manquée sans prévenir 24h avant est due. Merci de votre compréhension.

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